1. Vanilla

Music/Lyrics by Moonroof
Recorded by Vic Antonio at Little Brother Audio
Mixed and mastered by Tyler Ripley
Cover Art by Michelle Kozak


You used to walk away and I would smell sweet vanilla
They say you have the looks that make one a straight killa
You have those deep blue eyes
Filled with so many lies
Fool me with all your words and lips that taste like sweet vanilla

Everybody wants to tell me stop
Why are you falling for this girl?
When I'm with her, my heart drops
I love her so much it makes them hurl

Late nights we can run and hide
Running away like Bonnie and Clyde
We used so much of our time
Making people think it was all a crime

Is this what love's supposed to be?
All the time, just you and me?
Why do I feel like I can't leave
Why do I feel like I can't breathe


Verse 2:
Is this some sort of Déjà vu
It always seems like just us two
Am I losing love for your face
Or do I just need a little headspace

I start listening to what others say
Losing myself to you every day
Do you have me in this trance?
I can't continue this so-called dance


I can't decide if I'm alive
I get so tired of the taste of sweet vanilla
I need some time from your blue eyes
I know I'm right about sweet vanilla